Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crawling out of the Dumps

Is winter over yet?

Sorry, I have not been around.  I have found myself in a funk that I just can't seem to shake, except for the last few days, which have been W O N D E R F U L with 70 degree weather.

This year winter has really kicked me in the rear.  I feel like the last few months have just loomed over my head, with sickness, anxiousness, worry, and the plain old blues.  For a while there it seemed like one of us was sick with something every weekend.  Then there were some changes with Mr. T's job which made me a little anxious (everything is good now), and few other issues swirling around that now are seeming to settle in the dust.  

So this morning, I decided to make a conscientious effort to start 'crawling out of the dumps' and have better days.  I also started doing the Whole 30 cleanse.  Today is day 3, and let me tell you it has not been easy.  But I hear it starts to get better after the first few days.  I can already tell a little bit of a difference.  I don't feel quite as lethargic as I would at the end of a typical day.  I'm still tired, but not that gross kinda feeling that I used to have.  I will try to share some recipes that I have used already, and ones that I plan to use.  

Everything else in our life is good.  Sweet P is beginning to enter into the 'Terrible Two's' stage, but really for the most part, she is still just as sweet as ever.  She's just learning to be more independent, and sometimes it gets her into trouble.  

I'll leave you with some photos, and hopefully it won't be months before you hear from me again!


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  1. I've had the same type of winter. I'm so glad you are crawling out. I love you guys and miss you greatly!! xoxox