Sunday, July 29, 2012

One Month: Piper Grace

She has arrived!  My sweet little girl, Piper Grace, was born one month ago today.  

She is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen, and is so sweet too.  
Todd and I are so in love with her.  

But this past month has been the hardest of my life.  

Piper was born via c-section at 39 weeks.  Although she was considered a full-term baby, she was very small at 4.2 lbs.  Immediately the Dr.s were concerned, and realized her blood sugar was very low.  Soon after she was taken to the special care nursery to be monitored and given fluids.  Unfortunately that was not the end of Piper's health issues.  A few days later, on what seemed like a random chance, the Dr realized that Piper had a heart murmur and was very concerned.  Within the hour we were told Piper had two large holes in her heart and that the staff at Durham Regional was not able to handle it.  We were then told that Piper would need to be sent to Duke via ambulance to await assessment to see how severe the defect was and if she would need immediate open heart surgery.  I was able to ride with her, but upon arrival had to leave her and wait for the Dr.s report.  
 I cannot express to you how hard those 30 minutes were.  Todd and I had no idea what was going on; if Dr.s were performing surgery, just listening to her, doing x-rays.  We were at a loss.  Finally someone came out and told us that the situation did not warrant immediate surgery, however, she was considered a critical care baby and would be intensely monitored until they could get a better grasp on her heart condition.  

We were able to go back and visit with her for a while, but eventually had to go home without our little girl.  

I do not mean to be dramatic by stopping here, but there is so much more to all of this than I can write in one post.  I know that most of you have been keeping up with Piper's updates on facebook, and have been praying for us.  Please keep praying.  We covet your prayers and are moved by your encouragement.  This whole situation has been hard and trying, but I hope that through what I have to say here in the days and weeks to come, and through other conversations that God will use Piper's life for His glory.  


  1. Still praying, Laura! She's beautiful, keep up with the updates.

  2. Found your blog through Lisa Bryant's post. I somehow missed this on Facebook but am joining with so many already in prayer. Today, asking for God to give you strength and grace, sufficient for this day.