Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vance and Mary Katherine

My brother got married!!  I cannot express to you how happy I am for both of them.  I have been praying for my brother's future wife for a long time, and God answered my prayer exceedingly abundantly.  Katie is the perfect fit for him.  I'm so excited to call her my sister!   
It truly was one of the sweetest wedding's I've ever been to.  They were able to get married in the same place her parents were married, and by the same pastor, her grandfather.  It was so evident throughout the day the love that was present between both families.  My brother and I have known Katie her whole life, and have always thought she was a wonderful, godly girl. 

The bride and I

Waiting... :)

Reading a letter that my brother wrote to her before the wedding.

Happy bridesmaids!  One of my other sisters, Sarah.

Todd and I looking dapper.

Katie and my dad doing the waltz.

The night ended with sparklers and cheers.

Vance and Katie I love you both. 
I cannot wait to see what God does with your lives together. 

Of course there was a photo booth, and Todd and I had to show off our gangsta skillz.  Just for your viewing pleasure.  And yes, that is a kill shot.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Two Year Anniversary: Part 3

One night while we were at the beach, I challenged Todd to a round of putt-putt.  I was pretty confident that I could beat him, so we made bets, and did a lot of trash talking the whole time.  Well, I can now say that I am the putt-putt champion!  I won by one stroke!  Woo hoo!
Here are some random shots of the epic game:

If my lips look a little blue, it's because I just drank a blue-coconut slushy from Sonic.

Todd was trying to distract me from winning.  Didn't work.

Ok, so my husband is hott. 

Blue Steel.

Any Lost fans out there?  What does this remind you of?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two Year Anniversary: Part 2

So after we visited Charleston, we decided to head to Myrtle Beach for a few days.  We are lucky enough to know people who own houses there, and one of them let us stay for a few days for free.  Awesome!  One of the things Todd and I love is the beach.  We get slightly obessive with taking pictures of while we visit.  So enjoy the montage of photos.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two Year Anniversary: Part 1

Todd and I just celebrated our two year anniversary, and decided to take a trip to Charleston, SC since I have never been there.  We had such an awesome time mostly because we relaxed and didnt abide by any schedule.  We spent most of our time in downtown Charleston walking around, and then took an awesome carriage ride around the historic residential portion of the city.  (If you ever go to Charleston and have never done this, you should make a point of doing it.  It is worth it, I promise.)  We also ate lunch at the famous Hominy Grill. (This is where an episode of Man vs. Food was taped.  We even sat in the same section he did!) 

So below are pictures of our weekend part 1.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I cannot explain properly with words how Easter Sunday makes me feel.  Knowing that my Savior defeated death gives me hope that surpasses all things in this world.

So since my words wont do it justice, just listen to this song and do your best to not sing out loud and jump for joy!

Luke 24: 1-12