Monday, October 1, 2012

Two words

'Jesus wept.' Right now I am clinging to those two words. In my life I have heard many sermons on the eleventh chapter of John. Everything from this was one of Jesus' greatest miracles to the theological importance of Jesus' answer to Martha (read the chapter). But I can honestly say to you that right now I could care less about those other 56 verses. All I need are those two words. You see, in those two words I don't see theology, or some random act of emotion. I see a savior who feels the same way I do and is willing to sit on a hospital floor and cry over the possibility of a little girl named Piper Grace Hendricks losing her life. I see a friend who is upset about the fact that a three month old has to struggle to breathe and cry when she is in pain. I have never had to face anything this hard in my life. I am a child of God and would dare say I'm a mature Christian. But with everything I have learned about my heavenly Father, all I need to know in this moment is that He feels what I feel and and loves my little girl more than I ever could. I know this is an obvious statement but until you live it then it is just a cliche. All those commentaries I read and papers I wrote in seminary do not compare to the depth of what I am learning right now sitting next to my daughter's hospital bed. I know that I am called a daughter and friend by the most high God. But more than that I know that when I weep, Jesus weeps with me.

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