Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vance and Mary Katherine

My brother got married!!  I cannot express to you how happy I am for both of them.  I have been praying for my brother's future wife for a long time, and God answered my prayer exceedingly abundantly.  Katie is the perfect fit for him.  I'm so excited to call her my sister!   
It truly was one of the sweetest wedding's I've ever been to.  They were able to get married in the same place her parents were married, and by the same pastor, her grandfather.  It was so evident throughout the day the love that was present between both families.  My brother and I have known Katie her whole life, and have always thought she was a wonderful, godly girl. 

The bride and I

Waiting... :)

Reading a letter that my brother wrote to her before the wedding.

Happy bridesmaids!  One of my other sisters, Sarah.

Todd and I looking dapper.

Katie and my dad doing the waltz.

The night ended with sparklers and cheers.

Vance and Katie I love you both. 
I cannot wait to see what God does with your lives together. 

Of course there was a photo booth, and Todd and I had to show off our gangsta skillz.  Just for your viewing pleasure.  And yes, that is a kill shot.

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