Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sweet P

The time has come!  
We have found out what we are having... a baby....
Bring on the pink! (Actually, I don't really like the color pink, but it looks like I need to get over that.)
We are beyond excited at our little Sweet P!  
We are already so in-love with her, and cant wait to see her little face.  

It was a perfect day to visit the doctor.
The weather was awesome, and Todd was able to go with me.  
We decided to make a day date of it.

After we found out what we were having, Todd gave me a gift. 
So sweet!  Made me cry like a baby. (Pun intended. :))
After that we had lunch together and went shopping to buy our little girl her first outfit.
We got a couple of other things too, but Todd picked this one out.
Didn't he do a good job?

We ended the day, by telling our family and friends.  It was so great to share such good news with them.  But the best part of the day, was celebrating what God has done for us.
Last year this time, we were struggling with the idea that we may never get pregnant, but now we are expecting a wonderful little baby girl.  July 6th, can't get here soon enough.  :)

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  1. maybe she will hold out for Aunt Sara's bday on July 7th!!!