Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sweet 'P': Six Months

Piper is now 6 months old!  Whoah!
Here are some stats on her

1. Her weight is 14lbs 4ozs
2. She 'talks' all the time...I mean ALL the time.  Actually I wouldn't call it talking, more like squealing, loudly, for all to hear.  
3. Throwing her toys is her new favorite hobby.  Probably watching mommy pick them up every 5 seconds is more amusing.  
4.  She is really out-growing many of her clothes, which is awesome!
5.  Two teeth have made their appearance. So cute.
6.  Sweet Peas, squash, sweet potatoes, and bananas are on the menu.  But I don't think she likes the bananas very much. Oh, and Mr. T fed her some nutella...without telling me. 
7.  She loves to hear people sing.  Fascinates her.  
8.  Napping is sometimes a chore.  
9.  She has now figured out how to splash in the tub.  Fun for her.  Not fun for mommy.  
10. Loves to touch things, especially faces.  And tries to put everything in her mouth.  

Overall she really is doing quite well.  She still feeds mostly by an NG tube, but we are hoping that soon she will start liking the sippy cup and will not need the feeding tube anymore.  She is finally on the charts in weight and length.  This is a first for her.  Even though she is in the low percentile, she is tracking.  
We are in love even more with her than we ever have been and love living life watching her grow and change everyday.  

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